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Hit Band - Heavy Duty Resistance

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Hit Band

Good things REALLY do come in small packages: this band might be small and light but DAMN. It will have your glutes fired up in seconds.  This specially crafted fabric band will enable you to feel your lower body workouts like you have never felt them before.  Train hard, but train smart!  Our hit band can help strengthen your hip abductors and external rotators while training better form and alignment for your squats and deadlifts. 


  • Small travel bag
  • 55 kg of pure resistance!  This band is the strongest level of resistance in the market!
  • Inner grippy layer with non-slip grips which ensures that the band will not slip or roll off during use!

Guaranteed to last! One year warranty included for any defect or issue.  To claim, please contact us:

Heavy duty resistance allows for very little flexibility: therefore best for exercises requiring high level of resistance (squats, hip thrusts, glute bridges, etc)

1. Strengthening Hip-flexors, Building muscles in glutes and legs.

2. Activating lower body before using heavy weights

3. Helps correct form for squats

4. Overall heavy duty resistance training 

You CAN achieve it!

Resistance training is a recognized and highly effective way to strengthen and tone muscles anywhere, and anytime – with FlaGo Fitness we work together to help you get the absolute most out of your fitness & training - on YOUR schedule!