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Hit Band Set

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Powerful combination of the most durable, and effective lightweight equipment to effectively activate and strengthen your lower body region, especially hip flexors, glutes and quads!


2 levels of resistance: 

Black (heavy): up to 55kg

Camo (medium): up to 44kg


Both come with a cute pleather travel bag!




Lower Body Activation! 

Having 2 levels of resistance will allow you to get the most out of your lower body warmups and workouts. 

The medium level will allow you to perform exercises requiring more flexibility and the harder levels will allow you to perform exercises requiring more force and heavy resistance in order to be effective.


The best combination!

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Resistance training is a recognized and highly effective way to strengthen and tone muscles anywhere, and anytime – with FlaGo Fitness we work together to help you get the absolute most out of your fitness & training - on YOUR schedule!