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Essentials Kit

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Our Essentials Kit:

Built by busy people for busy people.  

 It’s great to be busy: usually it means you are accomplishing great things: but we all know that’s no excuse for missing a workout! So what fun is it to stress out about having time to make it to the gym or finding 3 extra hours in the day? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Using the FlaGo Essentials kit wherever you are, and getting an insane and effective workout in within 10 minutes! 


4 x Mini Resistance Bands:

  • Purple: Easy 4-8 kg resistance
  • Blue: Medium 10-13 kg resistance
  • Gray: Hard 14-16 kg resistance
  • Peach: Extra Hard 18-25 kg resistance


1 x Zipper Travel Bag

1 x Booklet with Exercise and Maintenance Tips

Bonus: You will receive access to our vacation / home workout plan. The videos are full length and include tutorials, tips, and 4 days of workouts, up to 30 minutes each day, covering the full body with all of our products.  Also included are bonus warmup and cool down videos!

*Material: 100% Natural Latex


You CAN achieve it!

Resistance training is a recognized and highly effective way to strengthen and tone muscles anywhere, and anytime – with FlaGo Fitness we work together to help you get the absolute most out of your fitness & training - on YOUR schedule!