Q. How durable are FlaGo Fitness bands?
A. Each and every one of our bands go through a very intensive quality assurance process. We take pride in the quality of the bands we sell.  We provide a booklet with tips in which will help you care for the bands and extend their longevity.  Take good care of them, and they will last years!
Q. Do I really need all the levels of resistance?
A. YES! The reason we include all the levels is so that you will have a great variety of options to choose from.  Different exercises require different levels of resistance, and as you continually workout with them, you will notice the need for lighter and stronger levels!  Recommendations of what exercises to do with each level can be found in our WORKOUTS page.
Q. Can I return my order? 
A. Yes - please see our return policy.
Q. I am interested in purchasing larger quantities for a studio or gym: how can I get in touch?
A. Please reach out to our sales team: info@flagofitness.com