About us

Our Story

Have you had a passion so deep that you couldn’t help but do something about it? Something that was deep in your veins and inspired every beat of your heart?

We have, and that’s why FlaGo Fitness exists! We believe it’s our job to spread inspiration, joy, and happiness around the world. That passion, drive, and insatiable focus to bring our vision to life are at the core of everything we do. And it all started with our founder, Yael.

Being from a corporate background, Yael used to travel frequently and work very long hours.  This caused her to have less and less time and motivation to workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  That's when she decided to build her own brand: built by busy women for busy women, empowering our global community to be their best selves through fitness - no matter how busy, and whatever the circumstance!  Our team spends hours each week to share the best of the best inspiring content online with our fans. We believe that each and every women can improve their lives with small changes every day to become their best self!

Out of this passion, we launched an online retail store that brings together all the best products and ideas to inspire you to be your best self: no matter how busy you are!

We're all about creating the BEST products for amazing people everywhere. Wherever are, whatever your situation is, we want to make products you'll love and be inspired by- products that help you become your BEST self!

The idea was to create a fun & inspiring ONE STOP SHOP.  Everything you need - in one spot - to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle on YOUR OWN TERMS! Be your best self!
- Yael, Founder FlaGo Fitness

Global Community

Our team and fans are made of women from all across the globe - of all different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures.  We embrace everyone and aim to empower every single women we can, worldwide!


Make fitness fun and accessible to women across the globe, across cultures and languages! We are here to inspire and provide the tools, equipment & support you need to be consistent and see results no matter your lifestyle or status!


Our customer team is dedicated to providing the absolute best service possible.  We will respond to every inquiry within 24 hours.  For any issue do not hesitate to reach out to: info@flagofitness.com.  

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