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flexible and on the go fitness



We know that each and every one of you have schedules which require flexibility and diverse options in order to ensure you can commit to your fitness goals and lifestyle.

FlaGo Fitness’ mission is to bring SUPPORT  via unique workout kits, plans and challenges which can be done anywhere, anytime and adapt to your busy lifestyle! FlaGo strives to empower all - weather you are just starting out on your journey or are already well on your way, and provide access to fitness for busy people who are always on the GO.

The goal is to CHALLENGE  your workout and make you to feel like a #winner in every workout, because you have the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals!

We believe in pushing yourself HARDER in every workout and being PROUD of every little win which add up to large scale wins! FlaGo Fitness is here for anyone up for a challenge, whether you are new to resistance band training or already a pro!


Join us, be inspired, strengthened and supported by hundreds of others who are part of our community!

We can’t wait to hear your stories and see how YOU challenge yourself with FlaGo Fitness.


Quality Standards

Our products are produced with highest quality standards, being inspected and improved regularly.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us, and we will make it right!